Partnership Schools and Colleges

Risley Avenue Primary School has partnerships with a number of schools and colleges, which helps to broaden the learning experience of pupils. There are too many to mention but here are just a few:


Ecole Pierre et Marie Curie


In February 2013 a partnership was established with a French school; Ecole Pierre et Marie Curie. Ecole Pierre et Marie Curie is a diverse two form entry primary school in St Brice in the north of France.

The pupils enjoy learning English as their modern foreign language (MFL). In enseignement primaire (primary education) it is compulsory for the pupils to have at least an hour of English each week which is taught by their class teachers.

Children in the former 5G class started a pen pal project with some children from CM1 (a year 5 class). They exchanged a few letters, pictures and activities. The pen pal project will be continuing in year 6.

In June 2013, 50 pupils from Ecole Pierre et Marie Curie came to visit Risley Avenue. Children from years 3-5 presented some songs, raps and a play all in French! The French pupils performed a few songs like a children’s classic ‘Banana phone’ and handed out gifts to 5G. The rest of the day was full of fun activities such as football & basketball tournaments, visits to lessons and a picnic.

Years 5 and 6 will be visiting Ecole Pierre et Marie Curie to continue the partnership and further enrich their MFL learning.

French Group

Ms Gordon, MFL Coordinator with Mme Routier, Teacher and CM1.




 French Class CP

 Children in CP                                      A handwriting book for CP



 France Class

 Children in CM1 studying art.                      Children in CM2 studying literature.

Partnering Schools in China

Risley Avenue Primary is a member of the North London Schools International Network and they have a partnership arrangement with Shunde Education Bureau in Shunde, Guangzhou province, China. 

Established in 2008 the partnership now has 26 linked schools in each country supported by both organisations in developing long term sustainable partnerships.  The wider strategic focus for this Area Link is the development of collaborative curriculum based activities and joint educational approaches to enable the embedding of the Global dimension across schools in both North London and Shunde.  It is recognised in both UK and China as example of successful partnership.

In September 2013 Risley Avenue joined the latest cluster of schools within the wider partnership and hosted a visit of two teachers from Shunde, the teachers worked with our year 6 classes on their `China Project`. In October, two teachers from Risley Avenue will visit our Shunde partner school Jun’an Central Primary School. Jun`an Central Primary School is a mixed intake state-owned public school with pupils aged 6-12, there are 2086 pupils in the school.

Year 6 class having a lesson in Mandarin Chinese. 

Year 6 class having a lesson in Mandarin Chinese.

Our visiting teachers taught Pupils Chinese Calligraphy writing.       

Our visiting teachers taught Pupils Chinese Calligraphy writing.     

Probus Primary School, Cornwall

For the past two years a group of our year 5 pupils have spent a week at Probus  Primary School, learning about the local environment and visiting a number of places of interest. They sleep in the school and help prepare breakfast, packed lunches and dinners! Visits include the Lanhydrock House and gardens and a boat trip through the submerged coastline of the Fal Estuary. See below for Probus’ June 2012 Newsletter. 

Risely School news paper clipping - Cornwall

Mannings Hill Primary School, Jamaica

Our partnership work with Mannings Hill Primary is around the theme of “Peaceful Conflict Resolution”. Both schools have agreed a number of activities to help pupils learn that conflicts occur in everyday life but the way in which they are resolved is important and that peacefully is the best way! Both schools have trained Peer Mediators and pupils communicate with each other. Last academic year two staff members from Risley Avenue spent a week at Mannings Hill Primary and this was reciprocated with a visit by one of their teachers.

Our Assistant Head, Ms Alexander, speaking to students and staff at Mannings Hill Primary School.

Grove City College, USA

Grove City Teacher Education College is in Pennsylvania, USA. For the past 10 years a group of student teachers visit Risley Avenue and complete a two-week teaching placement. Grove City students benefit by being in a very diverse inner-city school and our pupils get to learn about a different culture and way of life. Please see below a recent picture from their January 2013 visit. 

Grove City College students with their professor Dr. Scheffler.