Attendance and PunctuaLiTY


It is important that children are able to make the most of their education by being at school every day and on time to access all of the opportunities offered to them. 

As a parent or carer of a school aged child you are legally obliged to ensure that your child receives a full time education suitable to their age, ability and aptitude (Section 444 (1), Education Act 1966).

If your child’s level of attendance is below 95% you will be asked to provide medical evidence for any further absences, without this evidence absences will be recorded as unauthorised. 

If your child’s attendance is over 95%, you will be asked to provide medical evidence for absences over 5 days.


School starts at 8.55am, for year all year groups except for AM Nursery who start at 9.00am and PM Nursery who start at 12.15pm.

Parents of children, who are persistently late, average once a week, will be asked to attend a meeting with the welfare officer. You should be aware that the school register closes at 9.30am and any child arriving after this time will be classified as an ‘unauthorised absence on the school premises’ unless evidence is provided for the school to authorise the lateness. 

Being late for school makes it hard for your child to learn. If they are 30 minutes late each day, they miss half a day of learning a week.

If your child arrives late for class they miss out on important learning, they don’t have sufficient time to settle into class, it can be embarrassing for they may disrupt the rest of the class.


It is very important that children attend school regularly to achieve continuity in the learning process. However, we realise there are occasions when your child may need to be absent.

There is a need to keep the school informed about your child’s absence and a decision is made whether the absence is ‘authorised’ or ‘unauthorised’ according to the legislation and guidance set by the DCSF.

  1. All absences must be authorised by the Head. Any unjustified or unexplained absences will be recorded as unauthorised in the register.
  2. The head teacher will send a letter of enquiry regarding an absence if there does not seem to have been a message received by telephone or letter.
  3. The school should be notified of any infectious or contagious illness and the child should not return to school until the doctor has given consent for him/her to do so. Any absence should be explained either by telephone or a short note to the teacher on the child’s return. It is helpful to be notified of an absence likely to last more than two days at the at the beginning of the illness. 

Our registers are checked regularly by the school Welfare Officers and Education Welfare Offices – who will check the reason for absences. 

Family holidays are not permitted during term times and planned absences must be applied for in writing to the school welfare office.

Absences will only be authorised in the event of a child’s illness or in exceptional cases where a family has to travel due to the illness or death of a close relative, in such cases medical evidence will be required and authorised absence will only be for a maximum period of 10 days. Unauthorised absence may result in you being issued with a fixed penalty notice.