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The Governors

Risley Avenue School is a great school to be a part of.  We have an active vibrant Governing body and a dedicated SMT.  There is an excellent working relationship between these two bodies and we  both share the vision of the school in our hearts and minds and are committed to implementing it.   This ethos runs right throughout the school to middle management and other teaching staff and extends to the other personnel in the school.  Of course we have our challenges, there’s no growth without challenge, but for us the children really are our greatest assets and we all share the view that the education of our children should enrich the lives of our children not just academically but in all respects.  We strive to meet the needs of all our children so that when they leave Risley they are enhanced and can therefore continue to develop themselves and others as they advance to the next stage of their lives.

Message from The Chair





Ms. Marion Makonnen, Chair of Governing Body, Parent Governor

I am a parent governor of two boys, one whom is still a student at Risley Avenue School. I have been a governor here for over 8 years and have fully enjoyed my years of Governorship - learning alongside my children. I have recently been elected Chair of Governor and am embracing this role, feeling fully supported by the Governing body and the other stakeholders. I also sit on the Standards and Curriculum committee.  Four years ago after completing a Community leadership programme with Living Under One  Sun (LUOS),  I set up a food growing project in the school garden where every pupil between years 1-6 have the opportunity to grow and harvest vegetables.  This year they were able to hold harvest day using their own produce.  Watching the children plant seeds, water them, watch these seeds grow through the different seasons then seeing the joy on the children’s faces as they reap the fruits of their labour is truly a wonderful thing to behold – a true lesson about life!

I run my own business and practice out of a local Medical Centre as a Holistic Health Consultant specialising in Medical Herbalism for which I hold a BSc Hons. and am also a NLP Master Practitioner. I work alongside other local and national organisations to deliver health programmes to the wider community and am part of a community growing group in Tottenham Hale. I run health and nutrition workshops in schools and the wide community and also deliver lectures on Black history and culture including Rastafari, African Caribbean storytelling and drumming.  The female cultural drumming and dance group which is run by myself and my husband has supported many initiatives including anti-gun and knife events in the local community as well as performing at events such as ‘International Human Rights Day’ held by the Commonwealth Secretariat in St James Palace.  I am also regularly requested to do Jamaican Stories at the Jamaica High Commission for school children during their end of year Jamaica Christmas programmes.  In 2011 I was honoured by Haringey’s Mayors Office as an ‘Unsung Hero’ for services to the community.

Mr. Robert Benson, Vice Chair, Co-opted Community Governor

I was appointed as a Community Governor in 2012 and am now a Co-opted governor. I was elected Vice Chair in 2015 and sit on the Finance and Personnel committees. 

After graduating in engineering, I worked in banking for 13 years and then set up an online financial data business. I have always been interested in education and am committed to helping Risley continue to improve the opportunities for all its pupils.

Mr. Conrad Plentie, Co-opted Governor

I have been a governor for over 20 years at Risley; in previous roles as Chair and Vice Chair. I have been involved in many of the significant changes at the school over the years including the amalgamation of both schools in 1999. 

I work as an Instructor Operator for TfL training Train Operators. Within the organisation I am also a Volunteer Trauma Support Worker providing emotional support for members of staff who have experienced traumatic episodes. I have a BSc (Hons) degree in Psychology, and I am currently training for a Diploma in Counselling.

I am also working on a project making a documentary about the generation of people from the Caribbean who came to England in the 50’s and 60’s.

I enjoy travelling and speak a little Spanish. I use to play a little classical guitar and piano and I am a member of a wine club and enjoy full bodied reds. I relax by cooking and dancing salsa twice a week.


Mrs. Linda Sarr, Headteacher

My name is Mrs Linda Sarr and I am currently the Headteacher of Risley Avenue Primary School. I previously worked as Executive Headteacher of St Ann’s Primary School in South Tottenham and St Michael’s Primary School in Wood Green. 

I live in Wood Green with my husband and two sons who both attend Haringey Schools. My hobbies include cooking, swimming, travelling and walking.

I’m absolutely passionate about improving the life chances of our young people in Haringey.  As a youngster, growing up in a Nottinghamshire mining town, I encountered many barriers to moving forward with my own learning and personal development.  I strive to ensure that all pupils in my care reach their full potential through exposure to exciting and engaging opportunities, brought about through good and outstanding teaching and learning.


Ms. Shakeela Sabir, Co-opted Community Governor

My academic background is in Social Work & Psychology, I have a Post Graduate Diploma in Health Management and a Diploma in Marketing. I currently work as a consultant, my client is Audi, and my job title is Digital Project Manager.

I enjoy using Strategic Marketing, Project Management and Technology to create engaging customer experiences on when I launching 'new cars' for Audi.

 I live in Haringey and took on the role as a Governor as I wanted to use my experience to make a difference and add value to my local community.

 When I am not working, or acting as a Governor, I channel my creativity through my interest in interior design. I also pursue healthy wellbeing through cooking nutritious food and attending Pilate’s classes.

Mr. Costi Karayannis, Co-opted Representative

I have been a Governor at Risley Avenue since June 2012 and sit on various committees including facilities and finance.

I live in Haringey with my wife and three small children. When not with Risley, I work as a General Manager of a major Training organisation that is the largest provider of vocational and technical apprenticeships in the UK and Middle East. My skills and experience focus on dealing with a range of operational and strategic issues in both commercial and educational environments. 

It is a pleasure to sit on the Risley governing body; the school is a real success story and we take pride in both supporting and challenging the school to help it improve further.


Ms. Zaleera Wallace, Parent Governor

I am currently working for The Insolvency Service as an office manager.  14 years within the Service, started as a trainer delivering mandatory courses within the 36 offices around the region. 

My personal interests consist of African & Caribbean drumming and dance. I am part of two women drumming groups and a dance company.  I'm also currently undertaking a Specialist Counselling Course covering a wide range of areas, to qualify as an early years counsellor.  Finally; I am a locktrician have been for the past 4yrs, my business is called Me2U.  


Ms. Ann Waters, Co-opted Governor

I have lived in Haringey for more than 30 years, I brought up my family here and my two grown up children still live in Haringey. I helped manage a community centre for many years and have been a labour councillor in Wood Green since 2010.

I have always believed that a good start in a good primary school is the best start to life.

During my spare time I like to spend time with my grandchildren and work on my allotment.


Ms. Luul Hamza, Parent Governor

I have been a parent at Risley for the past 9 years and have been a Governor for 3 years. I am on the community, health and safety and premises committees. I am part of the FFR (Friends and

Family of Risley) and am about to start volunteering to read with the children weekly.


Ms. Manal Chatila, Parent Governor

I have been a parent governor at Risley for the past year and have enjoyed getting to know the school, teachers and parents. I am involved with the FFR (Friends and

Family of Risley) and have been offering voluntary help at the school for the past 3 years. I work as a crèche worker in the Risley House and on the weekends, I teach at an Arabic school.


Ms. Anne Stennett, Local Authority Governor

I was born in Stroud Green and have lived in Haringey most of my life.

I attended Haringey schools as have two of my  children.

My first job was in the voluntary sector,  but I later re-qualified and am now a Partner in a North London Law Practice.

In 2010, I was elected on to Haringey Council for White Hart Lane Ward.  I’m involved in local  charities and am very proud to be a Governor at Risley Primary school.


Ms. Swinder Singh, Associate Governor

Shortly after my two sons started attending Risley in 2012, I became very aware of wanting to have more input into their daily lives here. I started doing some of the training courses that were on offer to Risley parents and then started volunteering as a Creche Worker and SMSA.

I continued with my studies and am now working full time with children with special needs. The school has been fantastic at supporting me through my training. 

I became a parent governor in 2013 and have recently been promoted to Staff Governor. I am also on the health and safety and premises committee. Being a Governor has taught me a lot about the way schools are run and how the education system works. I feel being a Governor is a very important role. It’s interesting getting to know the school and learning the way things work.  I also really enjoy having contact with other parents and am always happy to listen and give advice where needed.  

It’s been an honour to be so involved with the school and I’m really proud of the things I’ve achieved since being a parent here.

 When I’m not at school, I enjoy socialising with friends and keeping fit.



Ms. Audrey Lattibeaudiere, Co-opted Governor

My desire to see all pupils succeed to the best of their abilities has encouraged me to become a Community Governor.  Having lived in North London for the majority of my life, I have a strong belief in the capabilities and talents of the young people who reside here.  Having worked in education in the post 16 sector for the last 12 years; as a classroom teacher and as a lead practitioner in psychology; and subsequently gaining a Master in Education and Social Justice, has further cemented my commitment to ensuring  the best possible outcome for all pupils.  


Mr. Roland Hall, Co-opted Governor 

I work as the Editorial Director of the Entertainment department in a busy publishing house in central London. The fundamental skills of my job are based on literacy and numeracy, and I have worked in the publishing industry for more than 20 years. I was self-employed for a number of years and I worked and lived in the United States and France as well.

Outside of work, I love reading and try to instill a love of it in both of my children. Also, I believe in the benefits of physical exercise: I really like cycling and I have studied (and now teach) a martial art for 15 years. I am a big football fan too.

My household is multi-cultural – my wife came to England from France – and my children are exposed to French language and culture on a daily basis.

I love the lively atmosphere at RAPS and I want to help the staff give the pupils here the best teaching - and opportunities - they possibly can.


Ms. Stacey Campkin - Co-opted Governor

Stacey graduated Cum Laude from Northwestern University where she studied Double Bass performance. She moved to London to pursue a Masters at the Royal Academy of Music. Upon completion of that degree, she started work at the Royal Opera House in community engagement. After four years at the Royal Opera House, her interest in education drew her to the role of Programme Manager: Schools and Early Years at Wigmore Hall where she has worked for over a year. 





Mr.  Mervin Armoogum                                              Associate Governor

Mr. Alwyn Reid                                                         Associate Governor 

Ms. Sophie Bartholomew                                           Staff Governor

Ms. Priya Veerasami                                                  Parent Governor

Ms. Corinne David                                                     Clerk