Important Dates and Events

Summer Term Dates 2018 




Tuesday 1st The House: ESOL / HALS – 9.00am

Friday 4th The House: SPURS – Move it to lose it – 9.00am


Tuesday 8th The House: ESOL / HALS – 9.00am

Friday 11th The House: 1U Haringey follow up meeting – 9.00am

Friday 11th Parents to receive 1U Haringey certificates in KS2 assembly

Monday 14th KS2 SAT’s Week

Tuesday 15th  The House: ESOL / HALS – 9.00am

Wednesday 16th  FFR Auction in the Art Building

Wednesday 16th Fluoride applications

Wednesday 16th Wigmore Hall in school workshop for Year 2

Friday 18th Risley Royals Day - £1 donation

Friday 18th  Cycling trip

Monday 21st KS1 SAT’s Week

Monday 21st  The House: Parent self-awareness – 9.00am

Tuesday 22nd The House: ESOL / HALS – 9.00am

Wednesday 23rd FFR Meeting

Friday 25th Lang Lang piano assembly

Friday 25th Y4 – Y6 STEM Careers Fair

Friday 25th LAST DAY OF SCHOOL - 3.15pm & 3.30pm


School resumes on Tuesday 5th June



Monday 4th TAD Day – School closed

Tuesday 5th  School resumes

Tuesday 5th Maths and Poetry week

Tuesday 5th The House: ESOL / HALS – 9.00am

Tuesday 5th Y6 Into University

Wednesday 6th  Y6 Into University

Thursday 7th Y6 Into University

Friday 8th Crazy Hair Day - £1 donation

Friday 8th Quantum Theatre maths shows for KS1

Friday 8th  Haringey Cycle League

Monday 11th Phonics Screen week

Monday 11th Y6 trip to Chessington

Monday 11th Selected Y5 pupils to Cornwall

Tuesday 12th Governors Day

Tuesday 12th The House: ESOL / HALS – 9.00am

Tuesday 12th Y4 and school choir to Tottenham Schools Festival (PM)

Thursday 14th Tottenham University visit to Oxford University

Thursday 14th The House: ESOL / HALS – 9.00am

Tuesday 19th  French Market – Y3 – Y6 (Upper Hall)

Thursday 21st Y6 trip to the Aquarium

Friday 22nd Games Day - £1 donation

Friday 22nd Class Photos

Monday 25th Y6 trip to Hampstead Heath

Tuesday 26th  The House: ESOL / HALS – 9.00am

Tuesday 26th 2BD – Railway Fields trip

Wednesday 27th 2H & 2U – Railway Fields trip

Wednesday 27th Selected Y4 & Y5 pupils visiting Wigmore Hall

Friday 29th World Culture Day - £1 donation

Friday 29th Fire Safety workshops for Y2 & Y5


* * * Please note that all dates are subject to change * * *